Christian Marshall, is one of the U.K’s most popular event caricaturists. His talent is a blend of wickedly accurate observation, with a dash of skill, a soupçon of charm and a large dollop of cheeky fun. Known for his enthusiastic smile and natural cartooning flair, his caricatures are character filled and gently spoofing, without being offensive (as long as you don’t mind having a big nose).

A first class degree in Art confounded his old headmaster’s expectations. Nevertheless, Christian (a.k.a. Chrissy) has been a professional artist since 1999 and is also the big cheese behind

Since the conception of digital caricaturing, Christian has been at the forefront of developing the art-form in the U.K into a dynamic and captivating phenomenon. He regularly performs in Britain’s most esteemed venues and also works internationally. To date, Christian has covered over 2,000 events in 25 different countries, across five continents, including Vegas, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai and Swindon.

  • Full time professional

  • International experience

  • Est. 1999

  • Quite a nice chap

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